National Advertising Challenge


This entry won gold at the 2018 National Advertising Challenge in the Wild Card Category, resulting in a full ride to Cannes and one of the worst hangovers of my life.

The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund wanted to raise awareness of the program they provide to young leaders who are trying to make an impact, but don’t have the means to do so. So we provided them with a platform to do just that.

Board reads: TED and Rogers share more than just a common name—they share a common goal of bringing people together to spread ideas and unlock opportunities. So, we’ll partner to create TEDxRogers Talks featuring the top 20 Ted Rogers Scholarship Students each year.

Like the scholarship itself, these events will help remove the barriers for these young leaders by giving them a new platform to make world-changing impact. By inviting city councillors, entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the press, as well as high school students from community partner organizations, we’ll further amplify the power of human connection and its ability to turn possibilities into reality.

Events will be broadcast live on social channels to strengthen our commitment to making opportunity accessible for all—regardless of income. This could extend into an online network for young entrepreneurs, connecting them with other scholarship recipients and mentors within the TED community, in turn opening a dialogue for the exchange of ideas. By making Rogers the vehicle for opportunity, we’ll not only change how they perceive the brand, we’ll change how they perceive their own ability to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Writer: Ariel Riske

Art Director: EMMA WATHAN