Here's where I make a joke about my last name.


Taking risks is in my blood. 
*groans* What self-respecting Copywriter opens with a pun?
I think safe is synonymous with boring; no idea is too crazy if it's grounded in human truth.
I'm not afraid of the word "no" because it's helped me to develop thick skin, not a thick head. And better work.

Loved (and hated) for my candour, envied for my homemade ramen (and the hair that occasionally falls in it), feared for my death metal karaoke covers.


I graduated with honours from OCAD University's Advertising Program with a Bachelor of Design. While completing a one year exchange to Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, I worked as the Digital and Social Manager at a small experiential shop.

I currently spend most of my life trying to come up with good ideas at lg2. I also water the plants. I should probably say Copywriter again for the SEO. Synergy. Millennial.

For my full rap sheet, check my LinkedIn. (But I'll get a creepy email.)
If you want to guess my zodiac sign shoot me an e-mail. 
Open to life-changing opportunities in Toronto or somewhere warmer. 

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